How to Load Photoshop Actions

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How to load Photoshop Actions:

We all have to learn that first time how to load Photoshop Actions.  If this is where you find yourself, these are the easy steps to getting the job done.  

Open an image.

You should see that little triangle that’s circled in aqua.  (If you don’t see it, on your menu click “Window” and then click “Actions” and it should show up.

1. Click that triangle (circled in aqua)

2. Now click that set of horizontal lines (circled in blue)


3. Now you’ll see this menu.  Click on “Load Actions…”)


4. Now browse to the location of your actions.  The file will end with .atn.  If you just downloaded the actions, you will likely find them in your download folder.  If they are zipped, unzip them first.

5. Click on the action to load.

6. Then click “open”

how to load photoshop actions

Now your action should be loaded.  When you go back and click on the triangle, you should see the action there.  

7. First, click on the action (not on the folder that the action came packaged in).

8. Then click the small triangle to run the action. 

load photoshop actions

There you have it!  Loading photoshop actions is pretty easy once you’ve done it a few times!  

Now if you need some actions to try it out with, I’ve got a free one for you RIGHT HERE!

I also did a review on the Sleeklens Portrait Perfection Collection photoshop actions.  You can read about those here and if they look good, you can get them from Sleeklens.  

What’s your next step with Photoshop?  What would you like to learn about next?  

Comment below and fill me in.  I may just do a tutorial with you in mind!  


How to load Photoshop Actions