3 Mistakes New Photographers Make With Their Cameras. Are You Guilty?

new photographers mistakes

There are three common mistakes that I see new photographers make all the time.  Even though they seem like small things, the results could be devastating.  Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? The other day I sent the kids off to school, blew off work and headed to Disneyland with my husband. We live so […]

How to Load Photoshop Actions

How to load Photoshop Actions

How to load Photoshop Actions: We all have to learn that first time how to load Photoshop Actions.  If this is where you find yourself, these are the easy steps to getting the job done.   Open an image. You should see that little triangle that’s circled in aqua.  (If you don’t see it, on […]

10 Easy Steps to Create Amazing Headshots

how to shoot amazing headshots

Headshots – The Challenge Heashots ~ If you’re like me, the thought of finding a photographer and having headshots photographed is a challenge.  Will it be expensive?  Will you actually LIKE how you look?  And will you get all the files you need with the permission to us them as you choose?   If you’ve got a DLSR […]

Understanding Exposure | Simple Tips for Better Photography

understanding exposure in photography

Understanding Exposure I own an expensive DSLR.  So why are my pictures so dark? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, this post is for you! Understanding exposure is a giant step towards better photography. My favorite tools for getting great exposure straight out of your camera are cheap, and sometimes even free! Read all about […]

Timeless Photography | Creating Treasures

timeless photography

I believe in timeless photography.   And by timeless photography, I mean photography that gets to the heart of your subject, without over posing or using props.  While looking through some old files the other day I came across this series of photographs of my kids with Pepper, the first dog we adopted for our boys. The […]

Newborn Photography Safety

newborn safety

Newborn Photography Safety While posing babies is not particularly my style, I realize how popular the trend is.  That being said, if you find yourself working with a photographer who seems to be confused as to how to get the poses you’re wanting, please, for the safety of your baby, step in and stop them. […]