Download a Free Photoshop Action!

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Today I’m giving away a free Photoshop Action.

It’s really like a four-in-one Photoshop action, because this single action will create a variety of different soft tones that can be mixed and matched to your liking.  It also includes a nice crisp black and white portion – all in one easy to use action!

Download your free Photoshop Action now!

Or stick around and look at some sample images that use this Photoshop Action:


I’m kind of picky with the Photoshop actions I use, because sometimes what works great on one image doesn’t work so well on another.  This is an action that I’ve used a lot, and I find the results are pretty consistently to my liking.

Download a free Photoshop Action!

Download your free Photoshop Action now!

So, what are you working on lately in Photoshop?  Are you editing for fun or for a client?  I love to hear about what others are doing.


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