Trim Healthy Mama Foods in Pictures #2

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1476150970995{padding-top: 15px !important;}”]I give you part 2 of photo-documenting some amazing Trim Healthy Mama foods that I enjoyed this week.  If you missed part 1, you can find it here.  As a reminder, these are photographs to provide a visual for the recipes in the Trim Healthy Mama book.  For the actual recipes, you’ll need a copy of the book.  It can be bought on Amazon here

1. Crepes. 

Trim Healthy Mama, Crepes

Oh my goodness. Crepes.  I can’t recall anyone talking about these on the THM FB group.  They are so good and super versatile.  And there’s nothing “diety” tasting about these, so my family will not balk at eating them.  In fact, the first time I tried them one of my kids was standing by gobbling them up before I could even finish cooking the whole batch. 

I’m showing sweet crepes here.  I filled the crepes with a little sweetened cream cheese with some lemon extract and sweetener (KAL) and then warmed some blueberries until they burst and poured them on top.  Oh yes, berry good. 

You can also make savory crepes.  No sweetener in the mix for these, and fill them with your favorite sandwich fillings. They will definitely hit the spot. 

Even though my crepe making skills are sorely lacking and I could never have been hired on as head crepe maker at the Magic Pan, it gets easier with a little practice.  I’ve been making them in a cast iron skillet, but I’d LOVE a crepe pan now!  Maybe one like this one…


 2. Chocolate Nut Slab. Trim Healthy Mama, Chocolate Nut Slab

Ok, let’s get serious.  This is about a slab of chocolate.   And this is good.  Oh, so very good.  Trim Healthy Mama has quite a few ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings, and so far, this is my favorite one.  Just a note of caution: this is not a meal.  Repeat that 3 times.  This is not a meal.  You need to know that, because you will want to eat a lot of it once you try it. 

One more warning that comes with the chocolate nut slab:  after you make it, check yourself in a mirror before going out in public, because you will likely have chocolate smeared on your face from licking the bowl clean.  Don’t ask me how I know.  Now go make some. 

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 3. Spicy Chicken Wings. Trim Healthy Mama, Spicy Chicken Wings

Winner winner chicken dinner.  I have no idea where that saying comes from, but perhaps it was made up after someone ate Buffalo Chicken Wings.  Do you like Buffalo wings?  Good!  Then you’ll like these, because that’s exactly what they are.  And yes, they are “on plan”.  Make ’em as mild or spicy as you like, and eat up.  Sorry the picture is so dull.  Perhaps a nice bowl of ranch dressing and some celery would have dressed it up more, but once my son smelled these cooking, there was no way he was going to wait around for me to photograph all that.  It was a quick shoot and serve situation.   


 4. Just Like Wheat Thins Crackers.

Trim Healthy Mama, Just Like Wheat Thins

Have you ever wanted to hug someone you’ve never met?  That’s how I feel about Pearl & Serene after trying these crackers.  I don’t think they should be called “Just Like Wheat Thins”, because they’re not.  They’re better.  Especially if you’re eating wheat/gluten free.  There’s no wheat or gluten at all in these, so I’d like to refer to them from now on as “Better than wheat thins because they taste great AND are wheat & gluten free crackers” (abbreviated BTWTBTTGAAWAGF crackers, to keep it simple)  I don’t see a career as a “recipe namer” anywhere in my future. 

Besides the name, there’s much to be said about these BTWTBTTGAAWAGF Crackers.  My first thought upon making them successfully was, “I actually made crackers, and they’re crunchy and tasty!”  I tend to have simple thoughts.  So back up to the “successful” part.  The first time I tried them, I didn’t roll them thin enough.  After that time, I did, and they were perfecto.  Yum.  Make these.  Eat these.  Be happy.


5. Sauerkraut. Trim Healthy Mama, Simple Sauerkraut

I’ll be straight-up honest with you on this one.  It scared me.  Not the making part.  It’s actually really easy.  It was the eating part that worried me.  Can I really eat food that just went through “that” process?  Well, I did, and I’m just fine.  And guess what it tasted like…?  Sauerkraut!!  Really good, non preservative filled, sauerkraut! 

So of course this native New Yorker decided that it would be great on a hot dog with some mustard, but I didn’t have any nitrate free dogs thawed out.  So I looked to my friend Google for more ideas, and you won’t believe what I found. 

On a forum post somewhere, someone had suggested that eating sauerkraut on a cracker with peanut butter was tasty.  And since I had some BTWTBTTGAAWAGF crackers ready to go, I tried it.  Ya know what?  It wasn’t all that bad!  I still think it would be better on a hot dog with mustard, but I enjoyed my little bizarre concoction just fine. 

If you have a special way you like to eat sauerkraut, by all means, leave a comment and let me know!

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