My Trim Healthy Mama Week in Pictures

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Here are some visuals from my week eating Trim Healthy Mama foods – specifically those from the book. I love a good cookbook, especially when there are pictures.  Unfortunately, THM does not have pictures, so I figured I’d shoot some as I make the foods from the book.  The recipes aren’t included here, you’ll need the book for that. But the visuals and my thoughts on the recipes are here for your reading and pinning pleasure ;).trim healthy mama, tomato soup, healthy


Just Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup – S

Page 292 in Trim Healthy Mama.

Wow.  Amazingly delicious.  I didn’t do a side-by side comparison with the name brand, but think this recipe may actually be better.  Like, by a lot. 

I made it with the chicken stock option, and sprinkled some Bragg Nutritional Yeast Seasoning, Premium, 4.5 Ounce on top. Love.

I would serve this to my family without hesitation.  And along with it, maybe a chicken quesadilla on a low carb tortilla and a green salad.

It’s the new “grilled cheese & tomato soup” meal in our home.


 Choco Pudding – S, E, or FPtrim healthy mama choco pudding

This was really yummy.  And incredibly filling.  I added a little caramel flavoring to mine.  Mmmm.  So filling I could not finish up what’s in that glass in the picture.  In Trim Healthy Mama, the authors mention that it is good when you make it, but even better after it’s been in the fridge.  Absolutely TRUE!  I made it in the evening and had some.  Then the next day I had more.  It’s almost like a different food after it’s had time to really set up and become a creamy pudding.  Not sure how that happens, but IMO, it’s worth the wait.

Basic Treat Squares – S

These are truly a lifesaver.  If you are not a breakfast person (I’m *SO* not a breakfast person) it’s fantastic to have these on hand so you can get something into your system in the a.m. with pretty much no effort whatsoever. 

They’re also a great grab-and-go kind of food.  You do need to keep them cool if the weather is warm, because that coconut oil in them will melt, but who doesn’t have a cooler and some ice when they really need it, right? 

I’ve made these many times, and will continue to do so.



Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad – FP

This salad is a fantastic light lunch.  It’s a Fuel Pull meal, so it has a little more of a “diety” feel to it, but honestly, there are some times when that’s what I’m in the mood for.  Definitely not all the time, but sometimes.  

It’s also super fast and easy to throw together, and it won’t leave you feeling all bogged down. 


Southwestern Chicken – S, E, or FPTrim Healthy Mama Recipe. South Western Chicken

If you read the recipe in Trim Healthy Mama, you’ll see that it calls for green salsa, and I used red.  It’s what I had on hand when I felt like making it, and it’s super delicious either way.  I actually prefer it with salmon, but this one was for my husband.  And he enjoyed it, so that’s another THM recipe that got his “thumbs up”.  He’s kind of picky…

I’ve made this probably more than any other recipe in the book  (with salmon).  Right now it’s definitely a favorite.

And like so many of the other recipes, it’s so easy to make.  I mean, seriously easy.


If you’re not familiar with Trim Healthy Mama, here are some links to help you out:

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What Trim Healthy Mama recipes did you make and love this week?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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  • You were featured at Trim Healthy Tuesday !!!!

  • Wow Debbie. I am so jealous….I really need some lessons from you. I’m serious. Because, while the Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad is uuber delicious, it’s hard to photograph…but you made it look like a HOLLYWOOD DINNER!
    Thanks for linking at THT! 🙂

    • Well, you know how to reach me! Anytime, girl, anytime. Thanks!

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  • Carrie

    OH WOW! Thanks for the pictures!!! I love them! =) I’ve made the tomato soup recipe several times already (my 3 year old even liked it!) and can’t wait to check out those other recipes soon! It really helps seeing a visual sometimes, so please do keep this up! (adding the page numbers is really helpful too =)
    Oh, if you know… does adding a low-carb quesadilla to the “S” Just like Campbell’s Tomato Soup make it an “E” or keep it at an “S”? I’m just starting to really understand the differences when it comes to the grains/fats in the “E/S” meals…. been slowly reading the book the past few months. I feel discouraged about it, honestly, but am realizing that every little new step forward IS a step forward! =) (I’m almost 7 months with #3 and I just don’t seem to have the energy or time to focus much on the THM after “chasing” after the two littles all day long and keeping up with my very busy pre-med senior college student/ fire-fighter husband and schedule! sad lol =)
    Anyhows, thanks again for the pictures AND the tips! I’ll definitely be following =)

    • Hi Carrie ~ If you add a low carb tortilla to an “S” meal, you’ll need to make sure the carbs are low enough to stay in the “S” category. You can’t switch between S + E mid meal. You’ll end up with a crossover. I hope you don’t stay discouraged! Even slow progress is progress! I’m moving at a slow pace, but it’s worth it. Stick with it!! And stay active on the THM FB group. You’ll get tons of encouragement there, as I’m sure you already know :).

  • Nicole

    The pictures look great! I have been considering ordering the book, but I am concerned about the cost. Have you found the plan was similar in grocery cost before you started THM? Is your whole family eating this way? We are a family of five and I was hoping to get some insight from someone who has already ordered the book and is putting the plan into action.
    Thank you

    • Thanks Nicole! I’ll try to answer all your questions :).
      I’m following THM, & my family eats what I serve them, so in part they are, but they pretty much eat what they want, which is of course limited by what I bring into the house. I try to feed my husband the meals which he is fine with, but he’s not officially eating this way (I wish he would choose to).
      My kids are very active and at healthy weights, so I try to stretch the food with more salads & carbs for them. I add potatoes, pastas, breads etc. to their meals. As far as whether or not my spending has changed, it’s hard to say. I don’t really keep track of what I spend month to month. I have cut out a ton of junk that I used to buy, so that’s a savings. My kids now complain that I don’t buy food, I buy ingredients. 🙂 Our fast food spending has gone down considerably because I’m making a huge effort to have food ready before anyone can suggest going out!
      THM has some specialty ingredients that can get pricey, but they’re not really all necessary. I would say you could get by without some of them, but the stevia is pretty essential if you like sweets.
      I hope this was a little bit of a help. Feel free to ask more questions if you’d like! I’ll do my best to answer them.

  • LOOOOOOVE Walking in Light and just getting acquainted w/ THM so I’m definitely following your menu/plans 🙂
    Just this week started implementing few things here & there but I’m already addicted to the SHRINKER TEA after having NEVER been a tea drinker. I’ve also enjoyed the “ice cream” (couple of times Shhhh) and just today cinnamon muffin and fat stripping frapp.
    My only problem w/ the THM plan is…I CAN’T READ FAST ENOUGH 🙁 I want to be fully aware of why I’m eating what before I get into the whole “S, E, FP & Crossover” as a daily routine.
    God bless you for sharing and I hope to see more

    • I’m so glad you like it here, Michelle. I’ve never been much of a tea drinker either, but I really do like the Shrinker on ice! I hope you’ve subscribed to the blog, as I definitely have plans on more posts like this. And as for the book, even after you finish it, you’ll find yourself re-reading it a lot. There’s just so much to take in!! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love this post, and hope you do more like it. Very pinnable, too!

    • Thanks Eileen. I’ve pinned them myself just so I can quickly look and see the visuals for the recipes :).