Raspberry Cheesecake Rollups with Cinnamon Sugar [S] ~ THM Breakfast Idea

Here’s a great snack, or a great THM Breakfast Idea.  

Raspberry cheesecake rollups with cinnamon sugarer a great THM breakfast idea. THM Breakfast Idea ~ raspberry cheesecake roll-ups
This is really simple. I mean, so simple your kids can do it. (supervise the stove time for little ones, of course) And it’s really tasty.  This most definitely fills the need for something sweet without the guilt.  Now, before I get started with the recipe, I have to tell you about these: Bakto flavors.  These flavors (and all other Bakto flavors) are Kosher, GMO-free, Gluten-Free, contain NO color, sugar or Corn Syrup.  They also happen to be produced in the USA, which I am always happy to see.

THM Breakfast Idea - Raspberry Cheesecake Roll-upsI ordered this set of 6 Bakto Natural Flavors last week from Amazon.  It was actually cheaper to buy through Amazon than through the company’s website.  Go figure.  They are so good.  Life changing.  Well, maybe not that good, but they’ve opened up a whole new world of flavors and experimenting for me.  I’ll definitely be sharing more recipes with Bakto flavors in the future. (By the way, this is not a paid endorsement for Bakto – it’s just my opinion on a product I purchased. And loved.)

So back to the Raspberry Cheesecake Rollups –

I began by getting all the “parts” ready to go.  In a small bowl I mixed a little cinnamon with some Truvia.  You could also use raw sugar – which is what I would use if I made this for my kids.  But I didn’t – it was for me.

THM Breakfast Idea - Raspberry Cheesecake Roll-ups

I set the cinnamon-sugar mixture aside and used another small bowl to add in about 1/4 of a block of  Neufchatel Cheese (Philadelphia 1/3 less fat cheese that looks like cream cheese), 1/2 tsp. of Truvia, and a tiny bit of my Bakto Natural Raspberry flavoring.  A teensy weensy bit of raspberry flavoring.  Maybe 1/16 tsp.  I don’t have a measuring spoon that small. 

THM Breakfast Idea - Raspberry Cheesecake Roll-ups

Did you notice my cheese is upside-down?  Yeah, I just noticed that too :).

Stir the cheese, Truvia and flavor until it’s all mixed together nicely.

THM Breakfast Idea - Raspberry Cheesecake Roll-ups

Once the filling and cinnamon-sugar were ready to go and waiting, I heated up one low-carb, whole wheat tortilla in some butter in a skillet.  If you eat gluten-free, use a gulten free tortilla.  I didn’t want it crispy, like I would for a quesadilla, but just short of that point.  Flip it so both sides get some heat.  It should be nice and warm, and coated with a light layer of butter (I wanted something for the cinnamon & sugar to stick to)

THM Breakfast Idea - Raspberry Cheesecake Roll-ups

Next, you’ll plop, spread, roll and slice, just like you see below… Get it?  Make those slices bite sized.  It’s easier to eat it this way.

THM Breakfast Idea - Raspberry Cheesecake Roll-ups

Roll each piece around in the cinnamon-sugar bowl.  Get a nice coating on them.  Then find one lucky person to share them with, because this makes enough for two people.

THM Breakfast Idea - Raspberry Cheesecake Roll-ups

Want to get some Bakto flavors for yourself?  Here’s where you can find them. (These are affiliate links, and I do profit a small amount if you purchase through them.) The first picture is the set I bought.  The second is tropical flavors, and it sounds perfect for summer.  When the weather cools down, I may need to get the third set – sweet brown flavors.


If you’re wondering what the [S] in the title is for, it indicates what type of food this is for those following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating.

If you try these out, please come back and share how it went for you!  And if you get the Bakto flavors, let me know what you think!


[yumprint-recipe id=’4′] This recipe is a part of the Slightly Indulgent Linkup at Simply Sugar & Gluten Free, and the Trim Healthy Tuesday link up hosted by Stacy Make Sense & Gwen’s Nest & Gluten Free Fridays.