I grew up wanting to be an artist, but all the aptitude testing I took as a kid indicated I should be an engineer. Such an odd combination, yet it’s just the right fit for a photographer!  Photography is the perfect blending of technical (apertures, shutter speeds, focal length and so on) with the creative aspects of composition, lighting & editing.

I decided to study art in college and earned a bachelors degree in painting & drawing from Biola University. But I also learned photography the old fashioned way ~ before cameras had microchips, auto-focus, or rear screens to instantly see your shot. I’ve been a freelance photographer for 13 years now.  Before I began working with clients I taught art, photography (with film), and darkroom developing skills to high school students.

These days I focus on digital photography, but I still keep some film cameras around just for the pure pleasure of using them. And I love helping new photographers gain the skills they need to start capturing beautiful images all on their own.

Read on below to see more about what I do.



I’ve been working with clients doing custom portraits since 2003.  

My style is to let kids be as natural as possible.  I do minimal posing, and the only props I like are things that have meaning to your child – a favorite stuffed animal, blanket or whatever they love.  To me, these are the things that make portraits special.  They’re the things we want to remember.

For pricing and scheduling info, you can reach me through my contact page.



I’m a firm believer that we should never stop learning. Photography basics remain the same as when I first learned how to shoot.  But once digital cameras came on the scene, an entire new world of editing came with them.  I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today if I didn’t believe in learning new things.  In fact, Photoshop didn’t even exist when I went to college. 

With that in mind, my goal is to provide some great content that can help you learn too! 


I’m fortunate to work with some of the best architectural photographers in the industry at Applied Photography LLC. We have a nation-wide team shooting both custom homes & new construction for many of the major homebuilders.  

My primary role with Applied Photography LLC is editing, but I also shoot events and lifestyle images for our clients.  

If you’d like more info, please head over to my contact page.

Member, Professional Photographers of America